AQ348 Waterproof Case for GPS or Phone

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Item Overview

Aquapac 348 Waterproof phone case protects your GPS or Phone whilst out on the water with the Aquapac protective bag. Made from tear-resistant TPU casing and with easy-to-use clamps to open and close the bag - Aquapac 348 Waterproof phone case is a must-have for all watersport enthusiasts.

- You’ll be able to talk and hear through it without a problem and get great photos and video

- Touchscreen will work normally

- It’s not just 100% waterproof – it’ll protect your phone from dust, dirt and sand too

- You won’t necessarily have to buy a new one when you upgrade your phone, because it’s a generic rather than a form-fit case (unlike a hard case, it’s not tailored to a specific device).

- It comes with a lanyard so you can hang it around your neck

- It’s securely, submersible waterproofed thanks to the quick-action AQUACLIP® seal

- The seams are welded together with high-frequency radio waves, creating a super-strong bond

- The optically-clear LENZFLEX window is UV-stabilized (so it won’t go yellow in the sun) and the case will still be soft and functional in the extreme cold.



The bag is 100% waterproof to 10 metres (30ft) and is certified as "IPX8".

Compatible Devices

This accessory is compatible with the following:

 Perfect for iPhone 5/6/7/8/10 & X plus, most Samsung Galaxy S phones.