Chirp Geocaching Beacon

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Item Overview

The Garmin Chirp is a one-of-a-kind wireless beacon designed specifically for the outdoor adventures of geocaching.

Affordable, durable and waterproof, the Garmin chirp can communicate with, and be programmed by, any compatible wireless-enabled Garmin handheld (sold separately).

Chirp stores hints, multicache coordinates, counts visitors and confirms the cache is nearby. chirp is password protected and has a battery life of up to one year.


 Compatible Devices

 - Garmin eTrex 30
 - Garmin Dakota 20
 - Garmin Oregon 300, 400t, 400i, 400c
 - Garmin Oregon 450, 450t, 550, 550t, 600, 650
 - Garmin GPSMAP 62s, 62st
 - Garmin GPSMAP 78s, 78sc