Montana 700 / 750 Series - 2 x Savvies SU75 Screen Protectors

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Item Overview

Pack of 2 Savvies SU75 Screen Protectors for Garmin Montana 700 Series

- Crystal-Clear
- Protection against scratches
- Easy application

Savvies SU75 UltraClear Screen Protector is the invisible and reliable protection against scratches for your Garmin Montana 700 / 750

Superior High Transparency
The high transparency of this screen protector ensures clarity and sharpness of contents and colours.

Touch response
This screen protector preserves the original touch experience of your device.

Excellent Adhesion
Easy installation and perfect adhesion due to the special silicon adhesive.

The Savvies SU75 UltraClear screen protectors are manufactured in Germany with the latest high-precision laser machinery. Exact tailoring to forms and excellent border adhesion are guaranteed.

Compatible Devices

This accessory is only compatible with the following GPS units:

 - Montana 700
 - Montana 700i
 - Montana 750i