Powertraveller Falcon 12E - Portable Solar Panel

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The Powertraveller Falcon 12E is an Ultra lightweight, foldable 12 watt solar panel for charging 5V devices including smartphones, action cameras, GPS and more. Featuring dual 5V USB output ports.

This durable ETFE panel is resistant to stress, sea-water corrosion and is highly flame-retardent, as well as being IPX6 rated.

What can the Powertraveller Falcon 12E recharge?

When hard-wearing and resilient is important, the Falcon 12E ticks all the boxes. Resistant to stress, sea-water corrosion and highly flame-retardant, this folding solar panel is also IPX6 rated – meaning it can resist high pressure, heavy sprays of water.


- 12W Foldable Solar Panel

- SunPower™ cells solar panel 6V/12 Watts

- 3x metal eyelets to attach solar panel to backpack

- Total max output: 5V/10W

- 2 x USB output: 5V/2A Max

- Weight: 400g

- Size:

160mm x 290mm x 13mm (folded)
470mm x 290mm x 2mm (unfolded)


1. What can the Harrier 25 recharge?

- Powerpack

Or it will directly charge the following -

- Tablet

- Smartphone

- SAT Phone


- Action Camera

- Smartwatch

- Head Torch

2. What is ETFE?

ETFE (Ethylene-Tetra-Fluoro-Ethylene) is a high-strength fluorine polymer that is corrosion and stain resistant, non-stick self-cleaning, and retains its clarity (and therefore light transmittance) - ensuring a long service life for solar panels.