Satmap mapping - Great Britain whole - 1:50K

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Satmap map card covering the whole of Great Britain - Ordnance Survey 1:50k.

The Satmap MapCard: Great Britain Whole(OS 1:50k) is an High Resolution SD card preloaded with maps of the entire country. Simply pop into your Satmap GPS system and have access to 1:50k OS Landranger mapping of the whole of Great Britain.

The mapping is excellent, providing an accurate and wide coverage that allows a user to navigate anywhere from the Grampians to Cornwall.

The Satmap MapCard: Great Britain Whole SD card puts a whole range of the countries finest roads, routes, and pathways in the palm of your hand at an extremely attractive price.

In the box

Satmap map High Resolution SD Card covering the whole of Great Britain (Ordnance Survey 1:50k)



1. How do I install this mapping card?

You just put it into your Satmap Active 10/ 12/ 20 and it will work straight away.