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Chris, Podcast -

Chris, the coast walker is walking around the coast of Britain, raising money for Children in need. In this full length interview I talk to Chris after he had to return home when Wales went into lockdown.

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Rescue -

With this powerful smartphone in each of our pockets and the ability to download maps onto them the smartphone has been both a life saver and killer for many people venturing in the hills. Stop using smartphones to navigate mountains, warn Mountain Rescue.

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Garmin, Montana, Motorcycle, Trail Riding -

This is the recording of the 51st GPS Training Podcast, in this I interview Greg Villalobos, an award winning film maker and trail rider rider.

He looks after media for organisations who want to connect with audiences through creative, honest and uplifting campaigns. Much of his work sees him in front of and behind the camera as he becomes a representative of the brand and its values.

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Garmin, inReach, Maps -

This series of videos looks at the practical use of each GPS unit. 

Over a series of months we take each of the Outdoor GPS units into the hills and out them through their paces, what do we like about them and what we don't.

With a few useless facts thrown in on the way, what else could you ask for?

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Garmin -

In this extract from the 48th GPS Training Podcast we discuss the top 10 best selling GPS units over the last two months of 2020.

We discuss the pros and cons of each of the units and our personal thoughts on each of them.

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