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Courses -

In the video below we look at the at the options available if you are wanting to get to grips with a GPS Unit, GPS watch, Two-Way satellite communicator or the route planning software that works alongside these products.

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Compass, map, Maps, navigation, OS maps -

Naismith’s Rule has remained a staple on navigation syllabi across the country and is still used to this day, but what is it?

Part of its enduring appeal no doubt stems from its simplicity – a rule of thumb that can be employed with minimal mental strain is a great asset when navigating.

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faq's, Ordnance Survey, route planning -

This series of videos answer the frequently asked questions we get about a number of subjects relating to Outdoor GPS units, GPS watches, route planning software and a plethora of subjects that you have asked us about over the years. 

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Spine, Spine Race -

Many thanks to everybody who supported both Andy and Jon through their Spine Challenger walk.

Every weather was thrown at them over the 60 hours, from warm sunshine to very heavy rain and even thunder and lightening.

This years event had the highest DNF (did not finish) rate due to the extreme conditions for this 'summer' event.

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Challenge, Challenger, Spine -

Ahead of this weekend's 108 mile Spine Challenger race Andy takes us through his kit ahead of the event.

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