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Garmin, inReach, Maps -

This series of videos looks at the practical use of each GPS unit. 

Over a series of months we take each of the Outdoor GPS units into the hills and out them through their paces, what do we like about them and what we don't.

With a few useless facts thrown in on the way, what else could you ask for?

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Garmin -

In this extract from the 48th GPS Training Podcast we discuss the top 10 best selling GPS units over the last two months of 2020.

We discuss the pros and cons of each of the units and our personal thoughts on each of them.

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Power, Powerbank, Powerpack -

With more and more outdoor GPS units now having built in batteries we have brought in a second brand of outdoor power banks to help keep everything charged when you are off grid.

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Podcast -

Want to know how to subscribe to a podcast on your smartphone. this short video takes you through how to subscribe to a Podcast on both an iPhone and Android Phone.

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Garmin, Montana, Rucksack -

We look at the varies carry case and clips our customers have been using to carry their Garmin Montana 700, 700i and 750i GPS units.

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