Never had a GPS before?

Never had a GPS before? Let us show you how to use a GPS unit.

Here at GPS Training, we can guide you through the process of buying your first Outdoor GPS unit. 

Let us show you how to use a GPS unit.

1. In this first short video (below), we look at how an outdoor GPS is going to improve your walking experience.

You first plan your walk on your PC/ Mac, then transfer the route data onto your Outdoor GPS unit.

Then when you are out in the hills we will show you how to use a GPS unit and the navigational experience it will give you.

2. In the next five minutes I'm going to answer the 10 most asked questions people ask before buying an outdoor GPS unit, so let's get the clock underway.

What to do next?

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4. Looking for a personalised GPS recommendation? Just click here.

Alternatively, please do give us a call on - 01669 621044 - and we can discuss your requirements.