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In this series of videos we answer the most asked questions we get asked with regard to the Outdoor GPS units we sell here at GPS Training.

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BaseCamp, route planning -

In this video we look through the route planning process you should do before heading out into the hills to go walking.

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TwoNav -

Let me introduce you to an all new range of GPS units, TwoNav.

A true breath of fresh air in the world of Outdoor GPS navigation.

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Motorola Defy -

The Motorola Defy Satellite Link device is a great device for when you are out in the outdoors and have no WIFI or mobile phone reception.

In this article we answer some of the frequently asked questions from customer who either have the device or are looking to purchase the device.

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screen size, size, weight -

In this video we review all the main we look at the size, weight and screen size of the Garmin GPS units and compare each of them next to each other.

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