118 miles in 48 hours - raising money for two great charities

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118 miles in 48 hours - raising money for two great charities

- Post walk -

Many thanks to everybody who supported me during my 118 mile challenge walk.

1. Listen to the inside story - Post walk I was interviewed on the GPS Training Podcast - listen to that here

2. A look back at the videos/ photos taken during the walk.

3. If you are able to give - visit my JustGiving page

Many thanks for all your support, it is appreciated.

- Pre walk -

After the success of last years fund raising walk I am again heading out to try and raise some money for two local charities.

Please watch the video below, it will explain more.

Date of walk - Starting Friday 29th October 2021 - Midday

Finish date - Sunday 31st October - Midday

Track me live (during walk) - more here

If you can support me, please visit my Just Giving fundraising page - more here

During the duration of my charity walk you will bear bye to see my live tracking here.

Overview of Charity Walk

Every year, Shepherds Walks raise money on the challenge walks for two great charities -

1. Hospice Care North Northumberland

2. Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue

With the year we have just had, it has been impossible to donate as we have in the past so I am personally going to step up to the bar.

The route I am taking

Starting Melrose - St Cuthbert's Way to - St Boswells

then Border Abbey Way through Kelso - to - Jedburgh

then St Cuthbert's Way to St Cuthbert's Cave

then Northumberland Coast Path to Warkworth

then St Oswald's Way to Rothbury

Approx timings of my legs/ stops - click here

Please do support me, any donation is gratefully appreciated.

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