Lyndon Poskitt racing - Garmin GPSMAP 66i

Lyndon Poskitt racing - Garmin GPSMAP 66i

It’s always interesting to see where our GPS units end up.

We have had units end up crossing the Atlantic in a home-made rowing boats right through to more recently being used by a number of participants of the Spine Race, which is commonly thought as the ultimate challenge for the participants.

Just before Christmas we spoke to and worked with one of the mechanics who was working for one of the larger teams on the Africa Eco Race, which is a rally event for cars, trucks and motorcycles from France to Dakar.

The mechanic, who works for the Lyndon Poskitt team, one of the forerunners in the motorcycle category. This extreme desert event sees the teams totally ‘off grid’ for weeks at a time and therefore a GPSMAP66i (Garmin GPS unit with two way satellite communication) was going to be used to both navigate one of the support vehicles but also as a main form of communication back home during the trip away.

The mechanic was Tim and he can be seen working with Lyndon, on one of the build-up videos before the event itself, as they worked on the bikes. You can see Tim on this video, at 9 minutes 30 seconds in.

And then one of the earlier video vlogs (they do one every day) you can see the Garmin GPSMAP66i on the dash of the support vehicle (1 min 55 sec in).

It has been great watching Lyndon and rest of the team, both the other riders in the team and also the support teamwork their way through the harsh desert environment on their journey to Dakar.

Lyndon finished in third position on what can only be described as a truly draining and testing rally.

If you do have time to watch is video vlog from the start you will be truly inspired by the skill, hard work and amazing talent he and the rest of the team has.

It’s is great following something and knowing you have a tiny part in helping a team on such a great achievement.

You can find out more about the Garmin GPSMAP66i here.

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