Powertraveller - New brand for portable power

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Powertraveller - New brand for portable power

Powertraveller is a new brand to us here at GPS Training.

With far more outdoor GPS units now coming with built in batteries we have been researching and working hard to find another range of portable power packs to keep you fully charged when 'off grid'.

Powertraveller - background

Powertraveller were founded in 2003 in Europe they have been at the forefront of portable power and solar panels since. Unlike other brands in the portable power market – Powertraveller has a series of products designed from the ground up to be used in the outdoors environment.

Powertraveller - used in the Antarctic and Red Bull events

These partnerships over the years have included scientific research groups in the Antarctic who require charging of essential equipment at below 0C temperatures to the on-going tie up with Red Bull X-Alps which is renowned and the world’s toughest adventure race.

Red Bull X-Alps is hailed as the world’s toughest adventure race. With each edition, competitors from around the globe arrive in Austria for a gruelling test of the body and mind. From Salzburg, they make their way only by foot and paraglider to Monaco, navigating 1138 km of treacherous alpine terrain. Often covering distances of 100km per day, sometimes more, athletes must combine skill and strategy, while overcoming injury and fatigue. Many will accept defeat and drop out before the end, but a select few will stop at nothing to reach the finish line.

Powertraveller over the years has used this outdoors power expertise to move into other markets, with a specific Tactical range to support UK, US and European military and products for the automotive and photography markets.

Powertraveller - pioneering products

Recently Powertraveller have re-launched and updated a lot of models in the range to include the latest technology which is part of their philosophy. Products such as the Harrier 25 & Sport 25 power banks now run solely on USB & USB-C sockets so you can use your devices cables rather than doubling up on cables.

The Harrier 25 can even wirelessly charge your mobile phone so you can drop the cable altogether. Products are now being launched with a IP65 standard which means they are splash & dustproof. The Falcon 12E is again another updated product – using ETFE Solar Panels for better durability and longevity in the outdoors. It also packs down a lot easier than solid panels.

What is ETFE? ETFE (Ethylene-Tetra-Fluoro-Ethylene) is a high-strength fluorine polymer that is corrosion and stain resistant, non-stick self-cleaning, and retains its clarity (and therefore light transmittance) - ensuring a long service life for solar panels.

Powertraveller is used the world over in a huge number of situations which are very wide ranging.

Watch our review

We have created a video review looking at the varies power bank options available - watch that here

If you have any questions about the Powertraveller range please do get in touch with us here at GPS Training.

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