Spine Challenger 2023 - Post walk

Spine, Spine Race -

Spine Challenger 2023 - Post walk

Many thanks to everybody who supported both Andy and Jon through their Spine Challenger walk.

Every weather was thrown at them over the 60 hours, from warm sunshine to very heavy rain and even thunder and lightening.

This years event had the highest DNF (did not finish) rate due to the extreme conditions for this 'summer' event.

A massive thank you to everybody who sponsored Andy and Jon for each of their charities.

--- Andy, sadly, dropped out at 64 miles --- He said,

A massive thank you to all the spine team , helpers, volunteers, Nicky's food and competitors all giving out so many words of encouragement and help along the way it means a lot.

Sadly my 2nd Challenger South attempt, pulling out at Lothersdale, struggling with food intake and nausea would not have been wise to have continued.

Learning all the time and already talking about take 3 for next year , feeling deflated but definitely not put off and will be back to try again.

Well done to everyone who took part whether you finished or not you were at the start and went for it , good luck to everyone still out there.

Still the best event I have been a part of thank you everyone.


--- A sterling walk and 100% the right decision ---


--- Jon went on to complete the 108 miles in 52 hours and 4 minutes ---

A video below takes you through Jon's journey



Jon also appeared on the official Spine video (19 seconds in, so right near the start), this was shot at 4.40 am just after he had descended from Pen-Y-Ghent.



--- Many thanks ---


Many thanks to everybody who 'dot watched' and supported both Andy and Jon on this epic adventure.
You can still support them -


Jon – https://www.justgiving.com/team/jonspine

Andy – https://www.justgiving.com/team/andyayrespinechallenger

Let's see what they both choose to do, I know they will reveal all on the next GPS Training Podcast in the coming weeks.

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  • Paul

    I’ll probably see Andy and again next year, when he finishes!

    Loved Jon’s video and the view from Pen-y-Gent.

    Well done

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