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Zoleo - Rescue stories

Zoleo is a satellite communication device that allows users to stay connected in remote areas where traditional cellular networks may not be available. It offers two-way messaging, location sharing, and SOS alert capabilities, providing a lifeline for walkers, outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers.

In this short video it looks at some of the rescue stories from Zoleo users who have pressed the SOS button.

 Here are some key advantages to using a Zoleo two-way satellite communicator -

  1. Global Coverage: Zoleo provides global coverage, allowing you to stay connected and communicate via satellite messaging in remote areas where traditional cellular networks are unavailable or unreliable. It ensures that you have a reliable means of communication regardless of your location, it works anywhere in the world. It is a hybrid device that works using mobile phone and satellite technology. This works seamlessly through an east to use app.

  2. Two-Way Messaging: With Zoleo, you can send and receive messages, enabling seamless communication with friends, family, or colleagues. You can exchange text messages, emails, and even post to social media accounts directly from the device. The key thing with Zoleo is that it comes from a fixed mobile phone number i.e. you have a telephone number associated to your Zoleo, this is unlike Garmin inReach products which uses a different mobile number each time a message is sent.

  3. SOS Alert and Emergency Response: Zoleo includes an SOS button that, when activated, triggers an emergency alert. This signal is sent to a dedicated emergency response centre, which coordinates with local authorities to initiate search and rescue operations. This feature provides a vital lifeline in critical situations and ensures that help is on the way when needed. The video above looks at some of the rescues that have taken place when the SOS button has been pressed on a Zoleo.

  4. Weather Updates: Zoleo also provides weather updates and forecasts via satellite, helping you stay informed about changing weather conditions in your area. This feature is particularly useful for outdoor activities where weather plays a significant role. It allows you to make informed decisions and adjust your plans accordingly.

  5. Tracking and Location Sharing: Zoleo allows you to share your location with designated contacts, providing them with real-time updates on your whereabouts. This feature can be helpful for safety purposes, allowing others to monitor your progress or locate you in case of an emergency.

  6. Compact and Durable: Zoleo is designed to be portable and rugged, making it suitable for outdoor use. The device is compact, lightweight, and built to withstand harsh environments, including water resistance and durability against impacts. It can easily fit in a backpack or pocket, ensuring convenience and ease of use during your outdoor adventures.

  7. Long Battery Life: Zoleo is equipped with a long-lasting battery, allowing for extended usage in the field. This is particularly important when spending multiple days or weeks in remote areas without access to charging facilities. The device's power-saving features help conserve battery life, ensuring you can stay connected for longer periods.

Altogether I must say how impressed we are with the Zoleo two-way satellite communicator.


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