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No1 - Currently our best selling GPS accessory - Garmin Backpack Tether

This lightweight backpack tether is perfect for conditions that demand hands-free attention. The durable nylon harness wrap with hook-n-loop attachment can accommodate any style of strap with widths up to 3.75” and is Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) compatible

The same hook-n-loop material also is used to easily stow your compatible Garmin device for optimal GPS performance while still providing access at a moment’s notice. When the device is detached from the hook-n-loop, the spine mount and lanyard cord - adjustable in length from 2" to 14" - ensure the device will stay with you at all times.

Where to place the GPS handheld while walking? In the pockets of your outdoor jacket?

That is quite often not an optimal solution, depending on the pocket size and placement. The handheld is not handy at all and the GPS reception might be limited.

The solution is the Garmin Backpack tether, which fits onto your rucksack strap.

 - Easy to pull the handheld off and reconnect.
 - Perfect adjustment at the shoulder straps (positioning higher / lower).
 - Suitable for different shoulder straps (max. width about 7,5 cm / 3″).
 - Velcro straps are interchangeable for attaching to wider shoulder straps (e.g. against longer velcro straps with buckles).
 - Can be used at shoulder straps without accessory loops.
 - Lanyard cord for handsfree action and preventing loss. 

    Compatible Devices

    This accessory is compatible with the following GPS units:

     - Garmin eTrex10, 22x, 32x,  eTrex SE & eTrex Solar Series

     - Garmin eTrex Touch 25 & 35

     - Garmin GPSMap 64, 65, 66 & 67 Series

     - Garmin Oregon 600 / 700 Series

     - Garmin inReach mini & mini 2 (N.B. Mini 2 requires spine mount kit)