Energizer Rechargeable Batteries Pk4

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Energizer Rechargeable Batteries 2300mAh precharged

Recharge EXTREME

Pack of 4 Batteries

Energizer recharge EXTREME is the reusable, high performance solution for high-tech power-demanding devices, which means you save money and reduce waste by replacing fewer batteries.

Pre-charged batteries can be used straight from the pack and can hold charge up to a year when not in use, thus providing the convenience of alkaline batteries with the economic and environmental benefits of rechargeable batteries.

Lasting up to 6 x longer than alkaline batteries (e.g Energizer Ultra), with hundreds of recharge cycles giving a massive cost saving over standard batteries. 95% Recycled Packaging. These high powered 2300 mAh batteries are perfect for high drain digital applications and can be used anywhere standard AA batteries are used.


Units per pack - 4 Batteries, retail packaging

Size - AA

Type / Chemical - Rechargeable NiMH

Capacity - 2300 mAh

Voltage - 1.2 Volt (can replace 1.5 Volt)

Stay charge / Always ready - Yes. Retain charge for up to 1 year when not in use, ready to use from the pack.