Gold GPS Support Package - 1 year

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Item Overview

If you purchase this Garmin/Satmap 'GOLD SUPPORT PACKAGE' you get the following for one year -

- Email support – Ongoing Email support from our GPS Training experts.

- Access to online resource – Unlimited access to the GPS Training online resource (worth £50.00 for 1 year)

 - Telephone support – Ongoing telephone support from our GPS Training experts.

- BaseCamp Factsheet -  Basecamp is Garmin's free software which helps you  organise your user data (waypoints, routes & tracks), view the maps on your PC or MAC, import/export user data,  and create a route on your computer and send it to your GPS.

 - Quick start guide – A step by step Quick start guide (specific to your GPS unit) to help you get to grips with your GPS unit. 

 - GPS set up scheme – Set up of your GPS unit for the UK, you can then take it straight out of the box and you can start using it straight away.


Please ensure you tell us which unit you have and if you are a MAC or PC user,  so we can personalize your quick start guides for you. 



1. How do I access the Email support?

Once you have purchased the support package you will be given a unique reference number. Please quote this on any e-mail correspondence you have with us.

2. How often can I access the online resource?

You have unlimited access to the online resource over the 12 months’ period you have the support package for. You will be issued with a username and password so you can access the online resource.

3. When can I access the telephone support I receive in this package?

You can access the telephone support Monday to Friday (9.00 – 17.00) for the duration of the support package.

5. How do I receive my BaseCamp factsheet and quick start guide?

We will e-mail you this within 48 hours of purchasing the support package.