Trail Rider - Your support package

If you are a trail rider we have set up a stand along training support package, this will take you through -

Unit 1

Montana 700 Series - Creating an Activity Profile in your unit for Trail Riding


Unit 2

Montana 700 Series - Important Notes ref: Motorcycle Mount Kit & AMPS Rugged Mount with Audio/Power Cable


Unit 3

Montana 700 Series - Importing GPX Trails from the TET Trans Euro Trail Website


Unit 4

Montana 700 Series - Garmin BaseCamp - Creating a Trail Ride Track & Sending it to your GPS Device


Unit 5

Montana 700 Series - Converting a Postcode to an OS Grid Reference to navigate to


Unit 6

Montana 700 Series - Tips to overcome Postcode Searches or simply navigate to a Waypoint / Grid Reference with your Device


Unit 7

Montana 700 Series - Navigating to the start of a Track or Route using Turn by Turn on Roads


Unit 8

Montana 700 Series - Loading a Track that you have sent to your Device & Navigating with it


To access these log into the online resource then go to -

Courses > Garmin - Units > Montana 700/ 700i and 750i > Module 7