BaseCamp Software Explained - Digital Format

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Garmin BaseCamp software has become very popular. It is free software that works in conjunction with your Garmin GPS and enables you to view your maps, plan routes and lots more.

Sadly there is no instruction book for BaseCamp and so many people ask me, how do you use Garmin BaseCamp, so I have written one. If you buy a GPS from GPS Training you will get a free copy of this, but alternatively you can buy this PDF download. You can then view it straight away and start working through and learning how to use Garmin BaseCamp.

It takes you from starting the software up right through to downloading routes and transferring them to your GPS. Also lots of information about planning routes and transferring the information to and from you GPS unit.


 - Step by step guide of how to use Garmin BaseCamp

 - With lots of screenshots and step by step instructions it is easy to follow and unlocks this great piece of software.

 - PC or MAC User option available

 - Digital attachment format