Garmin TOPO Australia and New Zealand Light - microSD™/SD™ card

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Get enhanced topographic detail on your compatible device whether you're in the outback or on a main boulevard in the city. This map provides a wide array of topographic information from terrain contours, elevations and summits to coverage of perennial and intermittent lakes, rivers and streams in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Provides terrain contours and summit points at 40 m intervals for a more detailed view of the terrain
  • Contains more than 105,000 km of tracks, roads and outback trails; also displays 4WD destinations and hydrographic features: lake/river shorelines and perennial and seasonal streams
  • Shows national, state and local parks as well as parks and reserve areas
  • Includes built-in DEM data with 3-D shading and route elevation profiles on compatible devices so you can estimate terrain difficulty
  • Offers updated and new searchable points of interest in urban, rural and outback areas, including lodging, restaurants, homesteads, parks, camping locations and shopping
  • Displays updated non-routable road content, by HERE



    Please note Special order Item - Delivery Time 5 - 8 weeks
    Because these maps are  special order at time of purchase (made to order) they cannot be returned for refund and the transaction cannot be cancelled after we have ordered them from the manufacturer (in accordance with the Consumer Contracts Regulations). Therefore, please ensure that you are definitely ordering the correct map, and that you have checked that is compatible with your device, and that it will be delivered to you before you depart for your destination. If this means you need to contact us prior to ordering please do so.



    microSD™/SD™ Card Requirements

    Make sure your device is compatible with this product before purchasing. View limitations with some marine mapping products.

    To view and use the maps on this card, you must have a device with a microSD/SD card slot. Maps on a microSD/SD card require a unit to be viewed on a computer with BaseCamp™. BaseCamp™ or HomePort™, depending on the type of map.

    Reduced price map updates are not available for these cards. If you want to update the maps, you must purchase a new card that includes the latest map data.

    The microSD/SD card package includes a microSD card and a SD card adapter.



    Features digital topographic and street maps for all of Australia and New Zealand. Also includes expanded coverage for several New Zealand islands, including Antipodes, Auckland, Bounty, Campbell, Kermadec, Chatham, Lord Howe, Snares, Stewart and Three Kings.

    In the box

    Micro SD card in SD Card Adaptor for safe storage

    Compatible Devices

    What units will this work in?

    aera® 500
    aera® 550
    aera® 560
    Alpha® 200 K
    Alpha® 200i/K 5 Dog Tracking Bundle
    Atemos 100
    Atemos 100/K 5 Bundle
    Atemos 50 and K 5
    Colorado® 300
    Dakota® 20
    Edge® 1030
    Edge® 605
    Edge® 705
    Edge® 800
    Edge® 810
    Edge® 820
    Edge® Explore 820
    eTrex® 20
    eTrex® 20x
    eTrex® 22x
    eTrex® 30
    eTrex® 32x
    eTrex® Touch 25
    eTrex® Touch 35
    GPSMAP® 276Cx
    GPSMAP® 62s
    GPSMAP® 62sc
    GPSMAP® 62st
    GPSMAP® 62stc
    GPSMAP® 64
    GPSMAP® 64s
    GPSMAP® 64st
    GPSMAP 64sx
    GPSMAP 64x
    GPSMAP® 65
    GPSMAP® 65s
    GPSMAP® 66i
    GPSMAP® 66s
    GPSMAP® 66sr
    GPSMAP® 66st
    GPSMAP® 67
    GPSMAP® 67i
    GPSMAP® 78
    GPSMAP® 78s
    GPSMAP® 86i
    GPSMAP® 86s
    Montana® 600
    Montana® 610
    Montana® 650
    Montana® 650t
    Montana® 680
    Montana® 680t
    Montana® 700
    Montana® 700i
    Montana® 750i
    Oregon® 450
    Oregon® 450t
    Oregon® 550
    Oregon® 550t
    Oregon® 600
    Oregon® 600t
    Oregon® 650
    Oregon® 650t
    Oregon® 700
    Oregon® 750
    Oregon® 750
    Oregon® 750t


    If you have any questions please just get in touch.