Montana 700 / 750 Series - 2 x BROTECT HD-Clear Screen Protectors

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Item Overview

Pack of 2 BROTECT HD-Clear Screen Protector for Garmin Montana 700 Series
- Crystal-Clear
- Hard-coated
- Anti-Fingerprint
- Easily mountable

Do you often use your Garmin Montana 700 / 750 and need to take it with you on the go? The BRO offers perfect screen protection without being noticeable thanks to the protective film’s super clear material. You still have a crystal-clear and sharp view of all the content on the screen on your Garmin Montana 700 / 750.

And so that you enjoy it for a long time, we’ve given the BRO an extremely scratch-resistant and durable surface. Scratches have no chance against this Screen Protector. With additional anti-fingerprint coating, dirt and fingerprints can easily be wiped off the film.

Our newly developed adhesive layer ensures that you can attach the film in a stress-free way. The result: the cool yet super strong BRO glides smoothly onto your Garmin Montana 700 / 750 for bubble-free and problem-free installation. You’ll be surprised!

Compatible Devices

This accessory is only compatible with the following GPS units:

 - Montana 700
 - Montana 700i
 - Montana 750i