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Deluxe Map Compass

Enjoy the journey while using the SOL Deluxe Map Compass on your next adventure.

Use the magnifying glass to zoom in on the tiny details of your map.

Adjust your reading for True North with the fixed declination so you stay on course.

The liquid-filled capsule with a luminescent ring and needle ensures stable and consistent readings even in dim light.

The metric and imperial rulers on the bevelled edges of the baseplate help you get an accurate map reading.

All this rests on the extended baseplate with a rounded edge that sits comfortably in your palm.

Never miss another key waypoint or landmark for a photo op with the SOL Deluxe Map Compass to guide you.

To be used in the northern hemisphere only.


Features & Benefits

Enhanced Map Compass
Extended baseplate, magnifying glass, glow-in-the-dark rotating bezel, and breakaway lanyard.
Extended Baseplate
Bevelled edge on the extended baseplate to use on maps with ease.
Fixed Declination Scale
Adjust for True North with the fixed East and West declination scales
Magnifying Glass
Located in the baseplate for easily reading maps and identifying waypoints.
Degree ring and needle are luminescent.
Breakaway Lanyard
Wear around your neck or stash in your pack.