TwoNav RAM Compact Bike Handlebar Mount Aventura / Trail

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This kit includes everything needed to mount any Aventura or Trail GPS on handlebars ranging from 12.7 mm to 65.5 mm in diameter. Its double ball system allows the device to rotate in any horizontal orientation and tilt for a perfect fit

  • Ideal for bike mounting due to its compact design, which minimizes weight and volume of the assembly
  • Strong fixation for extreme experiences
  • High-quality materials: High-strength composite plastic
  • Can be mounted on tubes 12.7-65.5 mm
  • Includes anchor, double ball link, trapezoidal fitting, and Aventura/Trail cradle

Compatibility: Aventura 2, Aventura 2 Motor, Aventura 2 Plus, Aventura 2 Plus Motor, Aventura Motor, Trail, Trail 2, Trail 2 Bike, Trail 2 Plus, Trail Bike