Interview with Greg Villalobos, an award winning film maker and trail rider

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Interview with Greg Villalobos, an award winning film maker and trail rider

This is the recording of the 51st GPS Training Podcast, in this I interview Greg Villalobos, an award winning film maker and trail rider rider.

He looks after media for organisations who want to connect with audiences through creative, honest and uplifting campaigns. Much of his work sees him in front of and behind the camera as he becomes a representative of the brand and its values.

Greg Villalobos name kept cropping up in my conversations with customers, 'because this guy called Greg had done a great review on YouTube on the Montana 700i GPS unit, from a trail rider’s perspective'.

So I hunted out the video and I just had to get the man himself on the GPS Training Podcast.

1. First of all, Greg, what is Trail Riding?

2. How did you get into it?

3. Away from Trail Riding what is your full-time job? Adventure Spec, well come to that a little bit later - Look after all their media and communications

4. Part of the team that launched the TET (Trans Euro Trail), and built the TET website amongst other aspects.

In 2012 Greg bought my first dirt bike and joined the Trail Riders Fellowship to learn where to ride. A new world of adventure riding was opened to him, however the way the organisation presented itself was a far cry from his own persona experience. It’s TRF branding had not kept up with the times.

Greg therefore presented a proposal to re-brand the TRF and over four years he helped to steer the perception of the club into a more positive, dynamic and welcoming organisation.

Membership of the TRF rose from 3,000 to 5,000 and the TRFs influence within the trail riding world as well as public bodies concerned with green roads shifted.

He continues to work with the TRF as a contractor and particularly enjoy being part of a team that has long term goals that we are able to help steer the ship towards. Greg's roles cover a wide range of duties including strategy, media generation, marketing, fund-raising, design and communication.

How it all started - first video

This is how it all started in 2016 (video production relating to motorbikes).

Greg set out on his dirt bike to ride from the North of England to Buckingham Palace and back on dirt roads with no map and relying purely on the kindness of strangers to show you the way?

I hope you agree, it is a great watch - watch it here

Broadcasting The Dakar Rally – Lyndon Poskitt

The Dakar Rally is one of the biggest events in motorsport, in fact its viewing figures are only beaten by Formula 1.

Any Dakar fan will tell you that they live for the 2 weeks at the start of January when the best off road racers in the world take on the South American desert.

They will also tell you that despite the size of the event, the coverage is also terrible, with short slots on satellite TV broadcast each evening that mostly focus on the front runners.

In 2017 adventure motorcycle racers Lyndon Poskitt changed the game.

I was part of a team put together by Adventure Spec to disrupt the traditional Dakar experience and broadcast as close to live as possible Lyndon's efforts in the desert.

Greg's role was based back in sunny England, in the middle of the night, receiving media, and telling the story to thousands through social media.

They opened the lid on what had been a very closed book.

In 2018 they did it all again, this time with professional film maker Dario Leonetti on hand filming and editing in the desert with Lyndon.

Greg said 'I don't think I've ever worked so hard in his life'.

He also wrote and directed 'Malle Moto - The Forgotten Dakar Story'.

Adventure Spec

This is Greg's main client -

Greg looks after all their media and communications.

Who are Adventure Spec?

Adventure Spec was established in 2007 by Chris Colling and Dave Lomax after a chance meeting on a trail in Yorkshire, UK.

They are a small team who believe travelling light opens up opportunities and experiences that are unique to motorcycle adventure.

They ride small and mid-capacity bikes and pack quality gear with a focus on saving space and weight. Experience and knowledge are part of their tool kit.

They believe that adventure travel gives us a grounded view of the world and helps us appreciate the wonder and diversity of people and cultures as well as the humanity that connects us.

What Adventure Spec do?

Adventure Spec manufacture clothing, hard parts, luggage and accessories for motorcycle adventure. 

Their gear is built around the philosophy ‘light is right’. Staying light is better for the rider and keeping our impact light is better for the environment and communities we encounter.

Their clothing takes its roots from the world of alpine mountaineering where layering is used to adapt to conditions and efforts are taken to reduce weight whilst retaining strength and durability. All their gear is designed to be easily repaired ‘in the field’, increasing product life and reducing waste.

Greg's online review on the Garmin Montana 700i

You can watch Greg's review on the Garmin Montana 700i online here.

Products discussed in the interview

1. Garmin Montana 700 GPS unit

2. Garmin Montana 700i GPS unit

3. Garmin Montana 750i GPS unit

4. Motorcycle mount for Montana 700 series

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