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The smallest GPS with some of the the most advanced mapping on the market

Beyond the numbers: The GPS with the finest cartography for adventurous cyclists, trail runners providing you with the necessary safety on the most challenging routes, allowing you to overcome any unexpected situations thanks to its screen with perfect visibility, detailed maps, and advanced navigation tools.

Roc, the best GPS for MTB of 2024 according to the German magazine World of MTB


Tough rugged design

Great Durability for Hardcore Cyclists, Lightweight and compact for Trail Running.
Roc is a device specially designed for mountain activities where a rugged GPS is required. Sealed with IP68 certification, Roc withstands everything: water, mud, and dust.

Its 2.7'' touch screen stands out as one of the screens with the best visibility and accuracy on the market. It's made with Gorilla Glass, strong enough to withstand shocks and impacts. Clearly see trails that you won't find on more generic maps. Use Roc's screen to resolve your doubts at intersections and visualize the small details of the map even under intense sunlight.

Meets MIL-STD-810 standard for temperature, shock, water and vibration

Cutting-Edge Location and Connectivity Technology

Go explore without worrying about the battery. Roc offers you up to 18 hours of normal use autonomy, allowing you to plan multi-day activities with complete peace of mind.

Enjoy fast positioning anywhere with Roc's GNSS geolocation chip, combining the 4 satellite constellations GPS, Galileo, Glonass, and Beidou with AGPS.

Transfer routes and maps to your device via 5G Wi-Fi. Connect via Dual Bluetooth to your mobile and receive notifications, broadcast your real-time position, or upload your activity as soon as you finish.

Accessories available for the TwoNav Roc - More info here

  Please call - 01669 621044 - and speak with one of our friendly GPS experts.


PLUS - We don't just sell you a box with a GPS unit in. In with the price we teach you how to use it via our online training course (online resource), and are only ever an email or telephone call away if you ever need any help.

PLUS - All GPS units are kept in stock and are sent out Royal Mail Special Delivery, so it will be with you the next working day.

PLUS - We also will take your old GPS as a trade-in, to get a value for your GPS unit please click here.

Buy and Learn from the experts - GPS Training.

With this GPS purchase, you get our 'gold' support package for 1 year at no extra cost (see below) - worth £145.00

Official Retailer - TwoNav GPS units

Enjoy a complete and safe experience from start to end. Enjoying your favorite activities safely

 Open multiple maps with GPS TwoNav Cross Plus

Work with quality maps

Know the relief of the terrain you are about to face from the GPS. With TwoNav you can load maps from the main cartographic publishers and move around them. Get more detail on paths and shortcuts

Navigation and orientation tools with GPS TwoNav Cross Plus

Orientation and navigation

Choose the type of navigation that best suits the type of activity you are going to do: free navigation, follow a track, go to specific coordinates, compass navigation... or simply let yourself be guided by following the indications of a roadbook

Creation of waypoints with GPS TwoNav Cross Plus

Create waypoints on your route

Add information to your route by creating your own waypoints on the GPS screen. Click on the exact place where you want to create a point and add a name, icon and description (refuge, lake, fountain...)

Activation of alarms and alerts with GPS TwoNav Cross Plus

Configurable alerts

Achieve the security you are looking for on your outdoor activities, if you deviate from the planned route, the GPS will notify you so that you can redirect your activity. In addition, if you exceed speed limits, heart rate... you will also receive a warning

Data and graphs with GPS TwoNav Cross Plus

Abundant and reliable data

Track more than 200 data in real time (height, distance, ascent, power, speed...). If you have a heart rate monitor or cadence monitor, connect it and you will receive more information

Route calculation with GPS TwoNav Cross Plus

Estimated time of arrival

Let the GPS guide you to destination, you will always know the distance and the remaining time. When you are back, the GPS will calculate the shortest route to return home or to the starting point


Move around with the security of being connected, synchronized and secure


Physical characteristics:
Dimensions 58 x 90 x 20* mm (*23 mm depth includes QuickLock mounting)
Weight 120 gr
Water/dust/mud resistant IP67
MIL-STD-810 certification
Temperature, shock, water and vibration
Resistant to extreme temperatures -20 °C ~ 70 °C
2 x Side buttons for Map Page Zoom in & out
2 x Side buttons for power, screen off and back button
2 x Frontal to scroll between pages

Blanview Touch Screen - with Optical Bonding and automatic backlight
Dimensions 2.7’’
Resolution 240 x 320 pixels

Internal memory 32 GB (free: 28 GB)
N.B. With the pre-installed Western Europe Map there is 18.2gb of free memory, but you can easily un-install any of the preinstalled countries and reinstall when required.

Battery capacity 2500 mAh
Normal battery life 18 h
Battery type Integrated
Charge via  USB-A - Magnetic included cable

Satellites - GPS, Galileo, Glonass, Beidou, SBAS/EGNOS
Bluetooth Dual
Wi-Fi 2,4 Ghz / 5 Ghz
Audio Buzzer
Digital compass

Whats Included

In the box

TwoNav Quick Start Guide
Quicklock stem/handlebar bike mount 
USB-Pogo magnetic charging cable

Your new unit also come with the following:

GPS Training Gold Support package giving you 1 years free access to all of our own TwoNav Online Training videos as well as email & telephone support from ourselves.

Preloaded OSM (Open Street Maps) of Western Europe including: British Isles, Austria, Belgium, France,Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain & Switzerland.
Preloaded Western Europe 3d Relief Map

Regions of OSM (Open Street Maps) can be downloaded worldwide for free

TomTom Maps for the British Isles can also be downloaded for free as part of your purchase

1 x region of Ordnance Survey 1:50k Maps can be downloaded for free
(If you purchased your unit from us with full GB Ordnance Survey Mapping, a voucher to activate and download the maps with will also be included in the box)

6 months TwoNav PRO subscription plan for free
App TwoNav (Android/iOS)
App Link (Android/iOS)
Personal storage in the GO cloud™
6 months of SeeMe™ for free

2 years manufacturers warranty



 1. What are each of the map options that we have available with the TwoNav Roc Plus?

- All versions of the Cross Plus come pre-installed with OSM (Open Street Maps) for Western Europe including: British Isles, Austria, Belgium, France,Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain & Switzerland.
+ Preloaded Western Europe 3d Relief Map& western Europe 3d Relief map.

*You can also after registering your device with TwoNav download TomTom maps for the British Isles for free as part of your package.

If you ordered Full Great Britain OS 1:50k Maps - your unit comes with an activation voucher that enables you download via either a Computer or Wifi, Ordnance Survey 1:50k Landranger Maps for all of Great Britain.

If you ordered Full Great Britain OS 1:25k Maps - your unit comes with an activation voucher that enables you download via either a computer or Wifi, Ordnance Survey 1:50k Landranger Maps for all of Great Britain.

2. Do the Ordnance Survey Maps cover Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland or the Isle of Man?

No but the following additional maps can be downloaded from TwoNav themselves:

Northern Ireland - Detailed Topo 1:50k Mapping for all of Northern Ireland can be downloaded for £34.86 - More info
Southern Ireland - Included with the Preloaded OSM British Isles Mapping
Isle of Man - Detailed Topo 1:25k Maps can be downloaded FOC - More info

3. What are OSM (Open Street Maps)?

OpenStreetMap Foundation is an initiative with the primary aim of creating and distributing open source geographical data, including street maps and road maps for the whole world. Today OpenStreetMap is a major partner covering unmapped areas of the planet, offering maps of anywhere in the world at highly competitive prices or as an alternative to classic road maps. Its maps also include topographical details which are very useful to users.

4. Are detailed maps available for other countries?

Yes TwoNav have a vast array of maps available to purchase and download for all of the world - More info

5. What memory does the unit have free to install additional maps such as the full GB OS options?

With the preloaded Western Europe Maps you have 18.2gb internal storage free, but you can very easily delete some of the preinstalled OSM Europe maps that you do not require to free up space to install the OS maps if needed.
The full GB OS 1:50k map required 7.2gb memory
The full GB OS 1:25k map requires 18.90gb memory

PDF here shows memory size of the different maps

6. What is the battery life of the Roc?

The manufacturers quoted battery life is 18 hrs, we have tested and achieved this with the screen on all of the time @ 50% back-light & using GPS only for recording an activity.
Battery life will be extended by using the screen off modes.

7. How long does the rechargeable batter take to charge?

Using a 2.0ah Mains USB Plug the unit takes approximately 2 hrs to fully charge.

8. How to I transfer GPS Route / Track files to the unit?

You can either connect your device to a computer using the supplied USB-C data cable and copy GPX files straight into the Data folder of device or yo ucan use the TwoNav Link App on a mobile phone to send over a GPS route to your device using Bluetooth.

9. What is the best way to carry my device?

We have a number of accessories available as follows:

- Backpack Tether - More info
- Carabiner Clip - More info
- Carry Case - More info

10. Can I attached the Roc to my Bicycle?

Yes, included in the box with your Roc is a TwoNav Quicklock stem / handlebar bike mount.

We also stock an out front mount for 31,8-35 mm Bar Diameter - More info