Charging a Garmin GPS watch from a power pack

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Charging a Garmin GPS watch from a power pack

A number of you have been asking us regarding how a GPS watch performs when charging a Garmin GPS watch from a power pack.

When would you be charging a Garmin GPS Fenix watch from a power pack?

Many people who are undertaking ultra events with a Garmin Fenix watch may need to charge it at one of the checkpoints or rest points.

Therefore the speed of charge of a Garmin Fenix watch is an essential bit of information.

How fast does a Garmin GPS watch charge?

This is what we are looking at (figures below video), but I think the conclusion is -

30 minute charge of Garmin Fenix GPS watch - if you are just stopping for a 30 minute break you could get approximately another 2 hours of battery life (with the GPS on) for that half hour charge.

Quick sleep charge - if you are on an event and stopped for a two hour sleep, you could fully charge your Garmin Fenix watch again during that time.

What GPS watch are you using for your figures?

In this video we are using a Garmin Fenix 5s, but we have tried it with different watches (Fenix 5 plus and Fenix 6s) and a 30 minute charge is increasing the battery life by 20%. The 20% gives different extra battery life on each watch so it is just a case of working that out yourself.

What power pack are you using to charge the Garmin Fenix GPS Watch?

If you are doing an ultra-event or walking continuously a 30 minute charge will increase the battery life by 20% when charging a Garmin GPS watch from a power pack, for the test we used a Goal Zero Venture 30 power pack.

Key factors relating to battery life on a Garmin Fenix

You will see the key thing with battery life and time on a Garmin Fenix GPS watch is if you are using it as a smartwatch or with the GPS on. You will use it with the GPS on when tracking your activity or navigating a course. As you will see using the GPS does understandably use far more battery life when the GPS is on.

Main facts -

1. Time - 14.35

Battery life - 19% - 2.2 hours of battery using GPS or 1.5 days as smart watch

2. Time 15.10 (35 minutes passed)

Battery life - 48% - 4.5 hours with GPS on

3. Time 15.40 (1 hour 5 minutes passed in total)

Battery life - 72% - 8 hours with GPS on

4. Time 16.10 (1 hour 35 minutes passed in total)

Battery life - 95% - 10.5 hours with GPS on

5. Time 16.20 (1 hour 45 minutes passed in total)

Battery life - 100% - 11 hours with GPS on or 7 days as smartwatch only

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