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iPhone 14 SOS and tracking – for the Outdoor enthusiast going off grid – How good is it and how does it compare to the other satellite communicators currently on the market.

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inReach, inReach messenger, inReach Mini 2 -

In this article and video we look at the Garmin inReach range of two way satellite communicators and what are the differences?

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In this video we compare the Garmin inReach Messenger v Garmin inReach mini 2.

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We were excited to get our hands on the new Garmin inReach Mini 2 and look at the new features that have been added since the original inReach Mini that we were a big fan of.

The inReach Mini 2 carries on with the fundamentals of the original inReach Mini, giving you peace of mind when you adventure of the grid with no mobile signal.

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