Garmin GPSMAP 67 - review and 5 most asked FAQ's

Garmin GPSMAP67 -

Garmin GPSMAP 67 - review and 5 most asked FAQ's

Garmin GPSMAP 67 – 7 months in

After using the Garmin GPSMSAP 67 for 7 months now, I am going to let you know my thoughts after walking well over 1000 miles with the Garmin GPSMAP67.

As I answer the x 5 questions, if you agree, disagree or have your own thoughts please do leave a comment in the comment box below.

I will answer a number of questions

1. What unit did I have before the Garmin GPSMAP 67?

- I had a Garmin GPSMAP66i, had it for a number of years

- I was really happy with the GPSMAP66i size, interface and I really liked a buttoned unit, especially for 4 season hiking.

2. Why did I upgrade to a Garmin GPSMAP67?

- Why did I not go for the 67i? – Zoleo

Multiband – did not have this on the 66i – what is multiband? – most accurate GPS unit currently on the market.

Battery life – 180 hours compared to 35 hours.

3. Reliability

Second to none, having that built in battery makes for a very reliable GPS unit.

How can anybody, in this age use a GPS unit running on AA batteries.

Never had to plug it into the mains, as when I plug it into my PC/ Mac (when planning) it charges. If you have it plugged in for ½ an hour you literally put 50 hours of battery life into the unit.

People keep asking, what happens when battery fails. I have done a FAQ’s video regarding this. Sold over 2,500 units with built in batteries and not had one back.

I like the fixability – BaseCamp, GPST route planning software, Connect and Explore (I have been using Connect rather than Explore, but Explore can be used to transfer when offline).

Proven interface and the clarity of the screen is superior than what we find on the Garmin GPSMAP 62s, 64s and 65s.

Buttons – they have a really nice feel to them, but I have been locking them if I am not carrying it on a backpack tether (a must if you can), especially when carrying on my lightweight rucksack.

4. What mapping am I running on my GPS unit?

- 1:25k maps, is the best, but it does come at a price.

- You can get away with 1:50k maps if you plan on our free route planning software, but if you are get a unit like this, a premium GPS unit, you have to be getting it with OS maps.

5. If you could change anything on the Garmin GPSMAP 67 what would it be?

My personal thoughts -

- Solar charging – why are we not seeing it on a GPS unit like this yet, especially with suck good battery life.

- Connect/ Explore – all a bit confusing, really wish it was all a little simpler.

- Route planning – so many options now, again which is best?

On a positive note it gives you the user a lot of flexibility as some people now do not have a desktop/ laptop and now you can plan or transfer gpx files just using a tablet or mobile phone.

Again, all a little confusing but on a positive note it gives you the user lots of options to work around the other hardware you own.

Other than these I don’t know what else can be added/ amended to improve it any further.

If you have any thoughts/ suggestions please leave in the comment box below.

I am over the moon with the Garmin GPSMAP 67 and I certainly will not be changing it any time soon, the size, weight and flexibility this unit gives me really does tock all the boxes for me.

By a long way, the best GPS unit I have ever owned.


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  • John

    First GPS unit I’ve bought and tried to research as much as I could before purchase. Have used the 67i quite a lot but there are some things I am still learning about but these are my thoughts so far.
    Battery life is second to none as for the battery lasting, I have used the unit over multiple days and haven’t dropped below 2 bars, by which time I have added new routes and way points using basecamp (which is absolutely fantastic as a planning tool) enabling the unit to recharged fully! If this had solar recharging there would be no need to recharge at all. Not sure if I read somewhere that it is best to recharge up to 80/90% as it preserves the battery for longer? Thoughts?
    Great for benchmarking too. I use Benchmarking data and the find facility just need to add a couple of zeros on GR and away to go waypoints logged on basecamp and so easily transferred to the unit. Great support videos too as if I forget something it is easy to find an answer from Jon and Andy on one of these. Had just over a month and used for routes and waypoints mainly.10 trigs hill walks (buried type too) and found over 400 Benchmarks within 2m with satellite accuracy. Bright screen and it allows you to create your own ribbon for the apps you want with a menu function to customise to your own preferences! Great reliable little unit and would highly recommend it to all.

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