Planning a walk in the hills on your PC or Mac - Garmin BaseCamp

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Planning a walk in the hills on your PC or Mac - Garmin BaseCamp

A series of videos looking at planning your walk, using Garmin BaseCamp.

1. Planning your walk

2. Finding the starting point postcode

3. Creating an Active route - using Garmin BaseCamp

Planning your walk

In this video we look through the route planning process you should do before heading out into the hills to go walking.

For this instance, we use Garmin BaseCamp but the principle is exactly the same on whatever route planning software you are using such as OS maps, Memory Map etc.

It is not a tutorial on Garmin BaseCamp but a look at the process you should go through -

- Planning your route

- Planning your escape routes

- Leaving your walk info at home/ with a third party and what taht person should do with it


00:00 – Introduction – planning a route on Garmin BaseCamp

01:15 – Searching for a location in Garmin BaseCamp

01:30 – Folders and lists – how do they work in Garmin BaseCamp

02:15 – Planning a route in Garmin BaseCamp

04:00 – The route dialogue box – Garmin BaseCamp

05:55 – Planning escape routes in Garmin BaseCamp

09:33 – Sending routes to a Garmin GPS unit from Garmin BaseCamp

10:00 – Printing a route from Garmin BaseCamp

10:35 – Letting a third party know – what to do if you do not come back

14:55 – Where to find step by step videos on how to use Garmin BaseCamp


Finding the starting point postcode

Creating an Active route - using Garmin BaseCamp

Active routes are a way you can see how far selected locations are (checkpoints in the video) along a pre-planned route or track.

00:00 – Introduction 

01:38 – Creating a waypoint on your route/ track on Garmin BaseCamp 

04:30 – How to create a proximity alert on a waypoint 

07:30 – The active route feature on a GPS unit and how it can be displayed


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