Unboxing and first review - Garmin eTrex Solar

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Unboxing and first review - Garmin eTrex Solar

In this video review we unbox and take the first look at the Garmin eTrex Solar, our first review as we compare it to the current Garmin eTrex SE.

We look at some of the new features and how the addition of the built in lithium battery and solar charging improves the existing Garmin eTrex SE.


1. General overview of the Garmin eTrex Solar – 01:40

After we have had the Garmin inReach SE for a number of months it is great to see this updated version, the first ever Outdoor GPS unit which has a solar panel.

2. Switching on the Garmin eTrex SE - 02:30

3. Looking at the charging received from the solar charging - 04:11

With the addition of solar charging also gives us the ability to now have a built in lithium battery, which will give you unlimited battery life in sunny conditions (75,000 lux) or upto 100 hours when using GNSS and multi-band tracking.

4. A look at the multiband satellite network, new addition for the Garmin eTrex Solar – 05:27

This all new multi-band GPS gives you access to multiple frequencies sent by navigation satellites which gives you improved positional accuracy.

5. Speed of satellite lock on and accuracy of the eTrex Solar – 06:40

6. Digital/ electronic compass on the Garmin eTrex Solar – 07:33

You are able to follow your bearing on the built in digital compass, which provides an accurate heading even when stationary.

7. Live Geocaching on the Garmin eTrex Solar – 08:00

With the Garmin eTrex Solar you now get automatic cache updates from Geocaching live, including descriptions, logs and hints. When connected to the Garmin Explore app, each find will upload to your geocaching.com profile.

8. Using the Garmin Explore app alongside the Garmin eTrex Solar – 08:25

You can connect the Garmin eTrex Solar to the Garmin Explore app, once connected you can undertake wireless software updates, get access to cloud storage, plan trips, get smart notifications and access additional mapping.

Live weather - When connected to the Garmin Explore app you can get real-time forecast information, so you're aware of any changing conditions.

9. Comparison of the Garmin eTrex SE and Garmin Solar, what are the differences? – 10.00


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