View your Garmin 1:25k Ordnance Survey maps in Garmin BaseCamp

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View your Garmin 1:25k Ordnance Survey maps in Garmin BaseCamp

With the recent upgrade to the Garmin Topo Pro 1:25k OS map card (V3), is often can take a time to load these maps in Garmin BaseCamp if the map card is left in the Garmin GPS unit.

In the video below we look at the solutions to enable these 1:25k maps to load quickly.

 1. USB-A - USB-C - Micro / SD Memory Card Adapter (as featured in this video).

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  • Kevin Hall

    Mac users on Apple processors, (M1, M2, M3 etc) be aware using this method, if you have previously used the map card in the Garmin device and then use a card reader, Basecamp still thinks it’s the same map, it doesn’t re-cache it, however the elevation graphs do not work on routes, just a flat graph is shown, unless the cache is cleaned from basecamp, that forces the map to re-cache and the graphs will work. The next problem is they now won’t work if reverting to the map card in the GPS device, another cache clean is required. Mac OS seems to want the maps to always be connected to the same port to work correctly. I cannot test but I assume this problem does not exist on windows OS.

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