Wikiloc App Review for Garmin Oregon 700 Series

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Wikiloc App Review for Garmin Oregon 700 Series

Wikiloc is a great new app which can be downloaded to an iPhone or Android Smart Phone and via the Garmin IQ App store can be used with your Oregon 7 series GPS and Fenix 5x watch.

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What Does the App Do?

Using the App, you can search from almost 6,000,000 shared Trails for Hiking, Cycling and many other activities and then using the Garmin Connect App send these Trails via your phone to your Oregon 7 GPS to navigate with.

The extra feature that really impressed me was that this App now gives you the capability to transfer GPX Tracks / Routes directly from your phone to your GPS from either a 3rd Party Mapping App or from an attachment that you may have on an email on your phone, no need for a computer / USB connection.

The App will work on an Android Smart phone but for my test I used my iPhone 4s.

I started by downloading the App to my iPhone via the App Store and then created a simple user account.

To use all the features of the App there is a small subscription charge required to setup a Navigation Pack found in the settings, the cost was only £1.99 for 3months or £3.99 for 12months, which I think is great value.

With my Oregon 700 paired to my phone and using the Garmin Connect App I used the IQ store menu to download the Wikiloc App into Garmin connect and then synced the App to my GPS Device.

The only setting that I had to do was via the Garmin Connect App add my Wikiloc username / password into the Wikiloc IQ App.

Using the App on my phone I searched for walking trails near where I live, displayed was lots of information about the trail including elevation data, distances and overview satellite map, you then simply select Send to your Garmin.

On my GPS one Tap on the IQ icon I selected Wikiloc and the tracks were transferred and ready to use with no need for a Computer / USB cable.

The other feature that I found great was I could open an email on my phone that had a GPX file attached and choose to open the file with the Wikiloc App, I then used the App on my phone to save this file and transfer it to my Oregon 700.

In summary, a great App that for only £3.99 a year gives you the ability to search for many shared trails or transfer GPX files that you have on your phone to your Oregon 7 with no need for a computer connection.

Pairing your iPhone with Garmin connect video.

Using the Wikiloc App on your iPhone / Oregon 7 Series Video.

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    Thank you for a comprehensive introduction to Wikiloc and Garmin 700.

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