Vehicle Power Cable

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Item Overview

Plug into any 12 V cigarette lighter receptacle to power your Garmin device and conserve battery life. Includes 1.5-amp replaceable fuse.

N.B Etrex Devices cannot be charged by the cable but whilst plugged in will conserve battery life.

GPSMap 64/65, Oregon 600 / 700 series if fitted with Garmin AA rechargeable battery pack can be charged via the cable. 

Compatible Devices

This accessory is compatible with the following Garmin GPS units:

 - Garmin eTrex Series

 - Garmin eTrex Touch 25 & 35

 - Garmin GPSMap 64, 65 Series

 - Garmin Montana 600, 650, 610 and 680

 - Garmin Oregon 600 / 700Series