Best battery options for Garmin GPS unit

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Best battery options for Garmin GPS unit

If you have bought a Garmin Outdoor GPS unit that is powered by AA batteries we look at the best battery options for Garmin GPS.

You will have bought, or will be buying an expensive Outdoor GPS unit, so why not spend a small amount on the best AA batteries for your GPS unit.

Don't go and buy 10 batteries from your local pound store and wonder why you are only getting a couple of hours battery life out of your Garmin GPS unit. Invest in some good quality rechargeable batteries for your GPS unit and you will get a good 8 - 10 hours of battery life from your GPS unit.

You can see all our power and battery options here or link directly to each of the products under the video (opens in new window so you can listen to video whilst looking at the options in the store).

1. Garmin Rechargeable Battery Pack

2. Energizer Battery Charger 1 Hour inc 4 x AA batteries

3. Panasonic Eneloop Pro Charger + 4 x Pro AA Batteries

4. Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus - Recharger

5. Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Solar Recharging Kit with Nomad 7 Panel


If you have any questions regarding powering your Garmin GPS unit with AA batteries please don't hesitate to get in touch with GPS Training.


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  • Torben Kromann

    Hi GPS training people.
    I’m using a brand new gpsmap 64st with the Garmin rechargeable battery pack.
    Ive just returned from a 2 hour walk, using only the trip computer. That is no light on the screen from leaving home till coming home.
    Only 20% left on the battery 🥲🥲
    What can I do to the 8-10 hours that you talk about?


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