The best way to carry a Garmin GPS unit - your options

The best way to carry a Garmin GPS unit - your options

In the video below we look at the best way to carry a Garmin GPS Unit, looking at lanyard options, mounts and cases.

In the video we look at -

1. Carabiner Clip - black or silver (half price)

2. Garmin Backpack Tether

3. Garmin Cart Mount

4. Garmin Quick Release Lanyard

5. Garmin Retractable Lanyard

6. Garmin Lanyard Carabiner

7. Garmin Montana 700 Carry Case

8. Garmin Montana 600 and GPSMAP Carry Case

9. Garmin eTrex and Oregon Carry Case

If you have any thoughts of your own on the best way to carry a Garmin GPS Unit please leave a comment in the comment box below.



  • James Mowbray

    I’ve combined the retractable lanyard with the backpack tether, by larch-footing the laynard through the tether’s clip. Works well for me.

  • Christine

    Hello Jon. Like Graham I have the backpack tether (it was bought as a Christmas present, Dec 2021) and for the last 12 months or so, the Velcro doesn’t hold. I’m still persevering with it, although it’s a nuisance at times. Mine doesn’t just detach itself on rough terrain, it can happen anywhere. Is it possible to buy a replacement piece of Velcro which may be stronger?

  • Graham

    Hi Jon- I purchased the backpack tether some time ago. I was quite pleased with it initially but unfortunately within twelve months the velcro was failing to hold the GPS Unit in place (Oregon 700) particularly when on rough terrain. Eventually I got fed up with having to keep re-attaching it and consigned it to a shelf where it now gathers dust.

  • Neil Mitchell

    Jon, Thanks for all the wonderful, helpful information and advice you and your colleagues provide, I have just purchased a Garmin swivel belt clip for my ageing Oregon 650. I haven use it much so far but would be. interested in your comment. I normally use a backpack tether but hope the belt clip will be useful on short walks when not taking a rucksack.
    Thanks again for your brilliant company.

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