Review - Garmin GPSMAP 65s

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Review - Garmin GPSMAP 65s

I will be honest, when the Garmin GPSMAP 65s was first launched I was a little underwhelmed by the Garmin GPSMAP 65s when it first came out, but I could not have more wrong, since then it has certainly shot up my league table and turned not one of my favourite Outdoor GPS units currently on the market.

Garmin GPSMAP 65s - Multi Band Outdoor GPS Unit

If you are looking for accuracy in an Outdoor GPS unit look no further, this unit is the most accurate GPS that is currently on the market.

With it’s multi band technology using the GPS (American), GLONASS (Russian), Galileo (European), QZSS (Japanese) and IRSS (Indian) GPS systems.

Not only does it utilise 5 satellite systems it takes two signals from each and cross references them against each other to see for any inaccuracies.
Size and battery life.

Over the past few months since it was launched the Garmin GPSMAP 65s has been snapped up by many people doing long distance walks or ultra-events. This is because it is lightweight but does not compromise too much on screen size.

With it also running on AA batteries the users can quickly change them to keep the GPS running over long distances and with it achieving 15 hours of battery life it certainly ticks all the boxes on the battery front.

Garmin GPSMap65 Series - Overview of using the Keypad & Accessing Menus

Garmin GPSMAP 65s - TOPO Active mapping

As with many new GPS units from Garmin it comes pre-loaded with Garmin’s TOPO Active maps. This sadly does not show footpaths and bridleways, instead it shows everything as a path.

Therefore, The GPS unit does need to be used with Ordnance Survey maps (varies options available), but over recent months I also plan my routes using the TOPO Active maps, let me explain …

In Garmin Basecamp I first plan my route using the Ordnance Survey maps, but then I overlay my route on the TOPO Active maps. As this is more accurate than Ordnance Survey maps, I then edit my route accordingly, so my route is now where the path is actually on the ground. Therefore, I get the best of both worlds.

Garmin GPSMAP 65s - Garmin Explore app

The Garmin GPSMAP 65s is one of the new generation GPS units that works next to this smart little app. With this you can now download pre planned routes from the internet (.gpx files) and then wirelessly transfer them onto the Garmin GPSMAP 65s GPS unit.
Going forward, as less people use PC or Mac’s this will very much come to the fore.

Let me take you for a walk with a Garmin GPSMAP 65s

And of course, the Garmin GPSMAP 65s comes with everything else …

- 3 axis electronic compass
- Barometric altimeter, giving you more accurate height data
- Button operated, so you can use with your gloves on
- 2.6 inch sunlight readable screen

And it’s a nice simple straight forward GPS to use, what else do you want.

Garmin GPSMAP65 series - The video below looks at the training videos in the online resource.

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